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Star Wars: Rebel Assault - Panasonic 3DO

Publisher:LucasArts / Lucasfilm  ?              No-Intro:Star Wars - Rebel Assault v1.0
Developer:LucasArts / LucasFilm  ?              GoodName:Star Wars - Rebel Assault v1.0j
Year:1994              TOSEC:Star Wars - Rebel Assault
Category:Shooter              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download              Game Music:N/A

Also on: Sega CD


In game image of Star Wars: Rebel Assault on the Panasonic 3DO.
In Game
Box cover for Star Wars: Rebel Assault on the Panasonic 3DO.

Shooter game published and developed by LucasArts / Lucasfilm in 1994.

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