Zeppelin Games

The Zeppelin American Tag Team World Wrestling Championship
is an awesome display of talent, gymnastics and - judging by the
size of the leotards hanging in the changing room - belly. One
such behemoth is Combine Harvester, title holder, and full time
man mountain. He is currently squeezed uncomfortably into a
normal size sofa. The guy is huge! Imagine two body builders
superglued together and you have Combine Harvester.

Feeling more like a mouse than a hardened reporter I begin the
interview, using all the tact and sensitivity they teach you at
journalist school. So Mr Harvester just what is your real name?
Larry Tractor? Reggy Lawnmower? Or even Percy Edge Trimmer?
It takes a couple of seconds for my quips to register, but then my
man mountain turns into a volcano. He grabs me in a Strangle
Hold, follows it up with a Half Nelson, spins me round the room
and then like a character in a cartoon, throws me through the
unopened door leaving my perfect outline behind.

Before slipping into unconsciousness, I make a mental note never
to upset an American Tag Team Wrestler ever again ...

1 One Player
2 Two Player
3 Select Controls
0 Start Game

Both players are able to select their control method from the
following options:

1 Sinclair Joystick Port One
2 Sinclair Joystick Port Two
3 Kempston Joystick
4 Keyboard Control with Define Keys
0 Return to Options Menu

Competition can either be:
1. Single Match
2. Tournament

Once the type of bout has been decided, the list of American
Tag Teams complete with their pictures are given for player
selection. Moving the hand down the lists of Wrestlers and
pressing Fire picks the Tag Team you wish to control.

All matches take place over three, two minute rounds, with a Fall
deciding the winners. Both members of the Tag Team have their
own energy bars, shown beside their faces at the bottom of the
screen. When the Wrestler is low on energy he flashes, and this
means that he is weak enough to be held down for a Fall.

When a Wrestler is out of the ring, he is allowed to recover some
of his lost energy, even though he will be encouraging his team
mate by offering him help and advice.

The swapping of Wrestlers in the ring is know as Tagging.
Tagging allows a Team to swap Wrestlers to make use of a
particular Wrestler's skill, or to allow energy recovery. To tag a
Wrestler, move back to your corner, face your partner, and press
the Fire button.


Fire Button

Upwards Diagonal Forward Move with Fire Button Pressed

Press Joystick twice in the direction that you wish to head in.

Press FIRE while running from rope to rope.

Position your Wrestler facing the corner they wish to climb.
Pressing FIRE makes the Wrestler climb the ropes and turn
ready to jump. Pressing FIRE initiates a Falling Forehand
Smash on a near opponent.

When your opponent is on the canvas, pressing FIRE whilst
standing above the Wrestler starts an Elbow Drop manoeuvre.

When the opponent is low on energy and flashing, he will
not be able to withstand a Fall, where the shoulders are
held on the canvas for 3 seconds. Moving your Wrestler
across his body will Pin the opponent and the bout will
be won.